Welcome to Geauga’s Amish Countryside

dscn8203Located in Geauga County, the towns of Middlefield, Mesopotamia, Burton, Huntsburg, and Parkman are home to Ohio's second largest Amish settlement. The area's beauty comes from its simplicity. It proudly showcases its white houses with neat curtains pulled to one side, colorful laundry blowing in the breeze, horses pulling Amish buggies and livestock in pastures. Many roads are not cluttered with electric poles along them.
The Amish represent a time when the horse and buggy was the way to travel and families were large and close-knit. To some people, the Amish are those folks who wear dark clothes and pull their curtains to one side. Each tradition is deeply rooted in their religion.
The Amish give up most modern technologies such as automobiles and electricity based on their religious beliefs. The Amish believe the use of these modern technologies keeps on from being close to God. They do not find that the modern technologies themselves are evil. The Amish have adapted to change over the last four hundred years and consider each new technology carefully before discarding or allowing it.
Their beliefs long ago lead to their persecution in Europe. In the 1500's, they were originally called Anabaptists. Believing that they should be baptized as adults, they re-baptized each other, despite the fact that they were baptized in infancy by the State Church. They were thought of as radicals and thousands were killed. The religion spread into other areas of Europe.   To escape persecution, they migrated to America. dscn6228In the 1880's, some Holmes County, Ohio Amish families moved and settled in the Middlefield area. Today, the Middlefield area Amish settlement is the fourth largest Amish population in the world. Come and explore all that this area has to offer. Acquaint yourself with the Amish Culture, craftsmanship and country friendliness. Drive at your own pace and experience the simpler way of life by stopping off for fresh vegetables, jam or home-baked goodies. You'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated!  
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